About Sharon

Sharon-biog-piccyI’m just a 50+ ordinary wife and mother with three sons living in beautiful Wales. To be honest I have had an eclectic job history starting work at age 17 at Royal Worcester Porcelain as a lithographer, and doing all sorts of other types of work, office work, shop work and even graduated at 40 years old with a 2.1 degree in Social Sciences.

Despite adding letters to my name,  all I have ever really wanted to do is work from home. I hate commuting, I hate having to spend precious time being cooped up for a set time period to suit a boss. Trouble was finding something I could do from home.

I would peruse all types of home opportunities, but none suited. It was only when I spotted a small paragraph on how to sell my own books on Amazon, that I found the break I was looking for.

I found my degree very useful after all, not because you need one to sell books on Amazon, but the study books I used for my degree, once listed by me, sold very quickly for good profits, which helped me see how much can be made by selling the ‘right’ books on Amazon.

I never expected to run my own business and become an expert on Amazon selling but that’s what’s happened!

I’ve been selling on Amazon for 8 years now and I really can truthfully say I wouldn’t want to do anything else.  I can fit it round my lifestyle and it more than covers the salary I was making when I worked full time.

I love the freedom that comes from being my own boss and that’s why I’m passionate about teaching others to do the same.  You can read some of the many comments I’ve received from those who’ve tried my strategies here.

I do hope you’ll soon be writing in to tell me your very own Copy, Paste, Profit success story.

Good luck!